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Test Pagetest 2.0

Clubhouse and 2nd green viewed from  the 4th .
Killington Ski Area  can be seen in the background.
Old stone fence posts mark the tee boxs. Pictured here is the 160yrd. 7th., the longest on the course.
 From the tee box looking toward the 14th. Flag pictured is a guide to the actual green located 20 yrds. beyond.
View from the eighth tee with the tenth tee in the background.
The 10th. tee looking toward the 7th. green in the background. This is a favored spot for players to have a snack and a break before tackling the back 9.
 A 3 Ft. circle surrounds each pin at 4x4 Mountain Golf. Inside this area on your tee shot earns you a hole in one.
Course Views
      4x4 Mt. Golf is all about having fun. You can be as serious as you want to be while enjoying a round . Some of the modifications we employ are as follows:  Groups play together. Each player tees' off  then furthest out plays till all players have gone. Once on the green you will have one stroke to hole out, by hitting either the flag stick or the cup. Example ( on in 2, hit cup for a 3 or miss and take a 4 ) 8 stroke max per hole. Ball inside 3ft circle surrounding cup [ on Tee Shot Only ] is a hole in one. Greens are outlined with baseball field line paint. Touching line is On. Once on the green ball may not be touched.Follow your guide and stay on the trails.Damaging grounds purposely will result in being asked to leave without refund. They have been driven by a Mercedes M class 4x4 but we recommend a Jeep, pick-up or ATV . Trails are well traveled and free of damaging obstacles but are steep and challenging in places. Distances run from 86 to 160yrds to the green but course is challenging.  More difficult terrain is available for play after your round. Overnight stays (campers or tents) possible.[ limited]      You may not play out of water hazards or marked out of bounds areas. Add 1 stroke and hit from Drop zone. Any other stray balls may be played if you dare. Bring it in- take it out ( even cigarette butts ).      We do not sell beverages but, you may bring your personal choice with you to enjoy throughout the day.  No special dress code.Play Tournament style by using 1 club for your round or bring 'em all. You will not need a putter. Trophies will be awarded to players  entered in groups of 12 or more. Provided  and presented by 4x4Mt. Golf.NUMBER 1 RULE have fun!