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​Located off exit 2 in Sharon,Vt.
Open May through mid October 
Call ahead for Tour Times.
802-291-4057 or 802-356-2753.
Directions and more info about 4x4 Mountain Golf on request
E-mail nemaintl@aol.com
About Us

    What started as an annual tournament has blossomed into a full time modified course. The number one rule at 4x4 mountain golf is to have fun. Players will tee off within the mountains of Vermont, on a golf course set in 200+ acres of fields, meadows, woods, and orchards. Here at 4x4 mountain golf, we've changed the rules of golf a little to make the experience more challenging, but fun. Once you've landed on the green, outlined by a large white circle, you will have one chance to chip your ball and hit either the cup, flag, or pin of the hole. Doing so will be considered holing out. If you miss while on the green then simply add another stoke and the hole is considered complete. For example, if you land on the green in one and chip, hitting the pin, you would receive a two, if you miss, you receive a 3 for the hole instead. Due to the mountainous terrain, it is recommended that players bring a 4x4 vehicle. Jeeps, pick-ups, ATV's and Gators are typically used to traverse the logging roads traveled between holes. However, brave souls in the past have even gone as far as to use a Mercedes M class. There is no special dress code on the course, no rules on bringing food or beverages, and in fact, many players use the luxury to grill and BBQ between the front and back 9. We just ask that everyone take out what they bring in. Trophies are available for groups over 12; awarded and presented by the 4x4 mountain golf staff. Come have a blast, and remember to have fun!
Located 3 miles off VT exit 2I 89 in Sharon,Vt. 

Call ahead for Tour Times

Directions and more info about 4x4 Mountain Golf upon request.
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